Enjoy the Space-Saving Perks of Hammock Camping

If you have ever gone overland and carried a pack for a stay in the wilderness, you know the importance of space-saving and weight reduction. Whether you’re carrying supplies for two days or ten, a lighter pack will make your adventure more enjoyable. For longer trips, space-saving can mean the difference between having everything you need, or not.

Your heavy items like tents, and bulky ones like sleeping pads and pillows, make up a big part of your load. And the lighter/smaller they are, the more expensive they become. Even after spending more, they still make up a significant portion of pack weight. When we plan a trip, we always consider leaving the tent behind and opting for a hammock instead. Most of the time, it’s not only do-able but much more comfortable.

If you have done a lot of hammock camping, you are probably aware of the many benefits of carrying a hammock instead of a tent. This article focuses on how much space you can save by using a hammock, and some ideas for what you could bring in place of that heavy tent.


Infographic showing uses for extra space saved by carrying a hammock instead of a tent and sleeping pad


Of course, you could choose to just enjoy your lighter pack. For shorter trips, you better believe that is what we do! A two-day trip with a lightweight pack can be a real breeze, made even more possible by carrying a lightweight nylon hammock with a bug net. If you have never tried it, you should, and soon!

Longer trips, however, make us choosy over what we bring with us. Often there are some “nice to have” things that get left behind. Some campers have a tough time getting all their necessities in one pack due to size or weight. So what can you do with that extra space?

  1. Two – Backpacker’s Pantry two-serving meals – 8.9oz each. Two – 12oz water bottles (or another 28 oz in your existing canister)
  2. A full-sized first aid kit, an extra all-weather jacket, and an extra fleece sleeping bag liner
  3. *A day’s water, two pairs of wool socks, and a pair of gloves

Of course, you can fill your newfound space with anything equal to the amount of weight saved by carrying a hammock in lieu of a tent. It’s completely up to you. These are just some ideas to get you started. If you have more ideas, feel free to share them in the comments!

*Everyone’s water needs are different and will vary greatly. Individual physical traits, climate and conditions, and level of exertion should all be considered.