How to Love Your Life, Every Damn Day

Love your life, every day. Even if you’re not where you want to be, or not where you thought you would be by now.

Love it for what it is. Not for the sugarcoated version you put online.

Sunrise on the beach in Texas
Yeah, I do it too. But waking up to this Texas sunrise was just a bonus. The rest of the week was so foggy it was like walking through a cloud. I loved every day of it, anyway.

Love it for the shit you’ve been through and came out alive. Love it for the people who helped you get through that shit.

Love it for the things that keep you pushing forward even when it seems the world is falling apart on top of you. And for your luck to have those.

Love it for the things that can still make you laugh, even when you’re at your lowest. Love the humor in all the chaos of everyday life.

Love life for the people who might not still be here if it wasn’t for you. You may not know who they are, but I guarantee you they’re there.

Love your life for the people who would gladly trade theirs for yours. Love it for the people who aren’t around anymore and don’t have that chance. I bet they’d take it in a heartbeat.

Love it for every sense you have, and every skill you’ve got. Love it for all the choices that gives you, even when you feel like you’re out of options.

Love it for the freedom to make those choices, and a new day to make better ones.

That’s real happiness. It’s not about getting where you want to be – which you should absolutely strive for. But if you can’t find happiness where you are, you’ll never find it elsewhere.