RV Life Isn’t Always Sunshine & Unicorn Farts

RV Life isn’t always sunshine and unicorn farts.

Take today for example…

My actual view, captured with a shitty iPhone photo.

I was just sitting here in the shade, minding my own business, working on some facebook ads.

Occasionally I looked up, admiring the canyon basking in the midday sun.

Then things started to change.

A breeze picked up out of nowhere.

My dog growled, signaling something is amiss.

A crow crowed at me as it swooped within 10 feet before soaring into the canyon below.

Little did I know, I was about to learn what the crow was fleeing from.

From behind, I felt a rush of wind, the kind that pushes all around you, like when a train passes you in a tunnel.

And that’s when I smelled it. And then I saw him, laughing at my agony.

It was the unicorn that just flew over me. And that fucker definitely crop-dusted as he went by.

So, shit. I don’t know where I was going with that. Kinda killed my point..

But actually it’s not always, so you have to learn how to love your life every damn day.