What Does Location Independence Mean to You?

Location independence means different things to different people. For some it means working from home in PJ's.

For me....

Well, not entirely. Maybe a little. Ok, a lot.

The sun rose over the hill behind me, bathing the canyon below in soft light. The snow-capped mountains in the distance to the north began to glimmer, and the cool breeze came along to remind me I didn’t have a jacket on.

This was my morning coffee experience today. After putting on the much-needed jacket, Murray and I went on a long, relaxed walk along the cliff overlooking a vast canyon spreading below for 50 miles. We returned, ate some breakfast, and I started my workday.

This was just one variation of the many dreamy ways I start most of my workdays for the last year. I’ve been traveling full time, running my business remotely, and having a fucking awesome time in general.

The ability to work from anywhere is a gift.

snow-capped mountains in clouds under a bright blue sky
View outside my “office” window as I post this. Pinch me. No filters, iPhone photo 5min ago.

Why Travel Full Time in an RV?

A few hours later, coincidentally, someone asked me “What does the Full Time RV Life mean to you?”

I had to think about it, but only to stop from bombarding her with the hundreds of things I love about this lifestyle.

I chose to live this life so Murray and I could wake up in amazing places every morning, just footsteps from everything we love to do. We hike and bike. We explore the outdoors like half-cocked conquistadors (at least, I think that’s how Murray sees it).

I fish a lot, so we’re rarely away from water for long, which Murray doesn’t mind, because he loves swimming in mountain streams and lakes. I can’t blame him, that shit is awesome.

We do what we love, where we love to do it.

Even when I work a full day at the computer, I’m doing it in a beautiful place. I’m looking out at mountains, the ocean, a river, sometimes all three.

That is what location independence means to me. What does it mean to you?